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  • Meet Your Audience's Needs

    Meet Your Audience's Needs
    December 30, 2014
    What’s a surefire way to make sure you’re meeting your audience’s needs? The circle of knowledge is a way to get the audience members to reveal what they actually want to know from you and to look good...READ MORE

  • How to Close Your Presentation

    How to Close Your Presentation
    December 01, 2014
    I was at a national health care conference a few years ago. One of the presenters finished, signed off with sincerity and warmth, and promised to stick around. The handclapping had been spirited. As they...READ MORE

“Rule The Room’s innate ability to assess my presentation skills and take them to the next level is just uncanny.  Rule The Room has a caring way of coaching that challenges the conventional wisdom on how to connect, engage, and motivate others to action; leading to what feels like more effortless presentations and much greater results.”
Karl Dettmann
Karl Dettmann
Field Director/Financial Representative